Only The Best

We supply a wide variety of restaurants, cafes and pubs and have built up an excellent understanding of the demands your customers place upon you.

We are available to help with planning your menu, whether that be with seasonal recipes or special offers to generate additional revenue for your business.

Our experienced master butchers can prepare your meat to your exact specifications, and our automation meat processing machinery will produce your more uniform products such as sausages and burgers.

We can also tailor processed products such as sausages and burgers to meet your desired recipe and create that unique taste that your customers recognise you for.

We also understand the challenges of planning during busy periods and understand that you can’t get the quantities right every time.

Our six day delivery service means that we can be on hand at short notice should you require an urgent order to be delivered quickly to enable you to continue serving your customers and generating revenue.


01273 552109

Unit 2, Meat Market, Upper Hollingdean Rd, Brighton BN1 7GW

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